"After I graduated from my own teacher training program, nothing around me was really different, but my relationship to everything was totally changed. I approach life with a fresh, objective perspective which gives me the skill to move through the ups and down more gracefully. This is my mission - to help others create a relationship to their lives that gives them peace and happiness despite the circumstances." -Jane Mayer,  Yoga Teacher Trainer

Check out other programs.

It's important to do your research and visit with the studio and teachers that will be guiding you through this important process.

Trust your Instincts

Listen to that little voice inside of you that always tells you the right thing to do. Trust that it will let you know which program is right for you.

"I don't have the time or money for Yoga Training."

This is a common cry at the prospect of starting such a program. Many many teachers have said the same thing and then, lo and behold, months later they were certified, professional teachers. How did they pull it off? The same way you will. When you want something and it's important, you make it happen.

Why THIS training program?

Because this program concentrates on the Therapeutic Foundations of Yoga. Never before available in Arizona.  This program is perfect for the working healthcare professional to add an additional healing tool to your practice or anyone who is interested in the healing aspects of yoga or want to continue to the next step of a certification in Yoga Therapy.  You won't find this information in any other teacher training. 

Let's connect

We are here to answer questions and provide information to make your decision easier. Call Evon at 805-232-4134 or email at Evon@A-Path-To-Balance.com and let's take the next step together.