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"May this journey of yoga lead us from the unreal to the real

From darkness to light

From time-bound consciousness to that time-less state of being"

yoga teacher

If you could take a small leap of faith to discover something amazing and exciting about yourself how far would you leap?

Kiara took that leap and discovered a rejuvenating new light through yoga. After several signs leading her in the direction of getting her 200-hour CYT yoga certification at Spirit of Yoga. She followed her journey through the 200-hour program and completed her certificate of excellence (CYT) with references from her highly experienced instructors.

From there, Kiara's journey led her to New York City to explore the many faces of Yoga in the big city.  After two years of study and teaching, she heard the call to return to Phoenix, her home town.

Kiara brings you the gifts she has received  through her yoga journey:  a way to deepen your connection to mind, body, and breath through the use of asana and pranayama techniques. As an instructor she teaches a very spiritually in-tune class with singing bowls, crystals, and essential oils. She brings a balancing blend of nurturing energy while illuminating inspiration to deepen your practice.