QiGong pink pose

Qi Gong

(Pronounced "chee-gung") Qi is the essence of life. Qi is the life force energy that circulates in nature and in human body. Qi is the vitality that produces and sustains life. In the human body, Qi is an essential substance that circulates throughout the body, flowing in every tissue and organ, and actively stimulates physiological activities.

Qi Gong is a form of exercise that has been practiced for thousands of years to cultivate Qi, strengthen the body, balance the emotions and nourish the spirit.

Qi Gong consists moving and non-moving exercises. In this session, you will experience various physical movements, non-moving mental exercises (Qi Gong Meditation), and a short discussion session. All movements can be done to your full extension, or they can be easily adjusted to your comfort level. Join us to experience and learn how this ancient practice can help to maintain and improve your health and wellness.

All are welcome; the beginners and the experienced.

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