The Cost of Doing Business

Let Kharma Life Center partner with you and show you a better way to invest your time and money.

  • You have the:
    • passion
    • skills
    • experience
  • Perhaps you even have the clientele
  • Above all else, you have the DREAM!
  • Where do you set up shop?
  • How will you advertise, maintain and track your business?
  • How can you grow your business affordably?
  • Where do you turn to for inspiration?
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What Are the Benefits of a Shared Workspace Vs Private Office?

Part of the co-working appeal is flexibility; Membership means avoiding the expense and commitment of a long-term lease for example. Part of the appeal is built-in support; working together allows for a more efficient use of resources. But the real value is a more innovative work culture. Create more: work smarter, not harder.

Private office spaces and suites typically require long-term commitments (1+ years) and have a much higher overhead. Additionally, private offices are by nature isolated spaces, lacking networking opportunity.

If you’re not ready for the cost or the commitment of a private office and value the collaboration potential that comes with being surrounded by other ambitious entrepreneurs, then co-working is perfect for you.