Drop-in $15

10-Class Pass $120

1-Month Unlimited $99

*21 Days for 21 Dollars $21*

*New Students Only*



Unlimited Yoga Membership

$79/mo. with auto pay

Yoga + Massage Membership

$148 - $175/mo. with auto pay

choose from 60 or 90-minute



Every Tuesday 4 - 445pm

Children Ages 4 -7

4-Class Pass: $60 - 1 Adult/1 Child

4-Class Pass: $80 - 1 Adult/2 Children

Parents can take advantage of the Restorative class while kids explore yoga in their own class.


Better Bones + Balance

The only CERTIFIED Better Bones and Balance program in Arizona!  Using specific movements and specialty props to promote strong bones and optimize stability.

Gentle/Chair Yoga

A perfect opportunity to gain strength and flexibility while keeping your body fully supported and safe. Great for students healing from injury or those working with limitations.

Evening Unwind

Spend the end of your busy day unwinding with various methods of relaxing yoga, sound and meditation all to help you let go and surrender...


For the beginner and anyone wanting to work on the foundations of yoga. Modifications to accommodate all levels and all needs.Great for rediscovering the joy of yoga and getting to know your yoga body.

Intro to Yoga

The perfect way to learn more about the yoga practice whether you are a new beginner or someone who seeks deeper understanding into the postures, techniques and philosophy.


Take time for the little ones to learn about breath, movement, concentration and body awareness while you relax in restorative class across the hall! Ages 4-7 years.


Exploring each posture individually and resting in between. Varying degrees of intensity are offered to experience exactly what you need.


Holding the body in yoga poses for time on the floor with the support of props. A healing and rejuvenating practice for all.Type your paragraph here.


Moving the body rhythmically through the guidance of breath. Sequences vary from class to class, but always include a form of Sun Salutation. Accessible to all levels. The room is not heated.


Dynamic resistance training system utilizing strong strap support, your own body and expert guidance. Whip your body into its ultimate state of fitness going at your own level. Class limited to 6.

Yin yoga

Long-held postures supported by the floor and your own body, this style moves deeply into tissues and promotes joint health like no other form of yoga or exercise. A must to promote graceful aging.

All Levels

Everyone can enjoy the practice at the level of their personal capacity and comfort in this class offering just what you need through movement and breath awareness.

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