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"It’s all really about love. Not romantic love, not any specific kind of love, just love. It’s within you. Find it. Nurture it. Share it. Grow it. Swim in it. It’s always the right answer, although sometimes you’ll have a hard time seeing it. Keep looking." -Nataly Kogan

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Angela's passion is stress relief

Angela has more than a decade of experience teaching yoga to groups and individuals of varying skill levels. Her passion is working with people who need help finding stress relief. Most importantly to Angela is showing her students ways to  take yoga "off the mat" and out into their daily lives. Her personal mantra is "Be Mindful". She practices this in her actions and teachings and by paying attention to her own body. Then she is able help others learn ways to do this as well. Angela enjoys working with people of all skill levels. She finds it fun and challenging to work with someone who has no knowledge of yoga. And she finds it exciting to see the subtle changes in their body and outlook on life as they practice over time.

Since receiving her 200 hour yoga teacher certification in 2006 through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ, she has been teaching yoga consistently at small studios, gyms and private sessions all over the Valley. Most recently, she has been volunteering to teach yoga at the Christown YMCA in Phoenix (since 2012) and doing private sessions in people's homes for over two years. She is trained in iRest yoga nidra (guided meditation) and is excited to bring this knowledge into her teaching. Read more here what brought me to iRest.

Angela came to yoga as a way of dealing with stress from her job as a social worker, which she did for 16 years. This led to a passion not only for the physical benefits but also those for the mind and spirit.