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Established in 2015, Kharma Life Center is a Phoenix massage and wellness center offering a large variety of modalities for those seeking holistic alternatives for wellness and as an adjunct to western, allopathic therapies. Our philosophy is in our name.

Kharma (karma) is a Sanskrit word meaning action. Dharma is a Sanskrit word meaning life purpose. Just as these words blend together in our name, so too does the spirit and meaning of Kharma Life Center. A place where action aligns with life purpose for client and therapist.  A place where expert professionals share their healing gifts, and where clients find a deeper connection.

As each client steps through the door, an immediate sense of ease washes over, and the repeated refrain, “This place has such good energy” is heard. The physical beauty of Kharma combined with the attitude that all are welcome here, has a powerful effect, allowing individuals to find what they need in a nurturing environment.

Kharma Life Center is a hidden gem in the burgeoning Melrose District of Central Phoenix. It is truly unique as a multi-faceted business living up to its tagline, The Heart of Wellness.

Meet the Team

The Kharma Life Team is made up of veteran, masters-level teachers and therapists, all deeply committed to assisting you in your journey of personal growth.




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Explore all of our therapies and classes and find the ones that move you into the space we call "Center."